Arbonne’s perfume range

You like smelling nice right?  Why not check out Arbonne's perfume range either as a gift for yourself or that someone special.  I know I can't resist the beautiful packaging that this range comes in. Check this out!

You can buy the perfume that matches the personality of the recipient. Which one are you?

The Earth Angel

The Earth Angel, determined to make the world better and the future brighter. She is a giver, who lifts the spirit and offers wings to fly. She carries with her the sparkle of hope, happiness, and possibility that can transform lives. She is an inspiration. She is the Angel that lives in us all. Angel is an inspiring, white floral blend of lush gardenia and sweet jasmine, with notes of sparkling citrus and warm amber crystals.




The Dazzler

With notes of white cardamom, frosted pink grapefruit, night blooming jasmine and golden amber. 50 mL, Limited edition. She dazzles everyone around her with her elegance and grace. The world is her stage and when she speaks, they listen ... because she is the connection that brings everyone together. She sparkles on the outside, yet her inner beauty shines through, mesmerizing everyone she touches






The Dynamo

With notes of white cardamom, frosted pink grapefruit, night blooming jasmine, and golden amber. 50 mL, Limited Edition. She is a dynamo, pulsing with energy and ingenuity. She is the leader who sets a goal, then makes it happen, as she brings her vision to life. She is stimulating and vibrant ... an inspiration to those around her. She is admired not only for her outer beauty, but her dynamic inner strength.






The Dreamer

With notes of Fuji apple, yuzu zest, white cyclamen and Baltic amber. 50mL, Limited Edition. She dreams in living colour ... big, vivid, beautiful dreams, not just for herself but for all the people she loves. She dreams of happiness and peace and making the world a better place. She is refreshingly beautiful inside and out and possesses a simple power and magic to actually make her dreams come true.






Bet you can't guess which one I bought for myself!!

Don't be disappointed as stocks are limited.
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