What a weekend!!! @MishBridges

Wow!  where do I start?  This weekend has been nothing short of mind blowingly awesome and the build up (lack of sleep) was so worth it.

At the end of every round for 12wbt there is a group workout (massive) and finale party.  This time it was in Adelaide (my home town) which was fabulous! and cheaper 😀  No need to book accommodation, flights - I even got my "fitversary" dress altered so I saved money there too.

It has become a bit of a tradition for each state to put on a pre-finale catch up, so we organised one at Ambassadors Hotel.  I can certainly recommend them for a venue.  Food was great as was the service and the room has such character and warmth.  A good time was had by all (some a little more than others hehe) And it was fantastic to meet some of my fellow pirates and other members I had connected with online from interstate.

From there, on the Saturday, I had the pleasure of being involved in Mish's One Active fashion parade.  None of us knew what we were wearing until we got there and yep... I had the crop top and short shorts to model.  Everyone said "oh come on, you put bikini pics up all the time"  I laughed but then thought hey but seriously, putting pics up on the net is different, you don't see anyone's faces LMAO.  Anyway, it was very liberating and the crowd was great.  I gave a bit of a gun flash (of course) and then the MC decided to ask me some questions afterwards... unplanned but hey, what's a girl to do right? 😉

One Active modelling

One Active modelling

What made this even more fun was my daughter was in the parade too.  Sorry Stacey... she hasn't forgiven me yet I don't think hehe Then I got to be interviewed about my Personal Training course with Australian Institute of Fitness.  Was great to be up on stage with Ryan as he was the person who signed me up to begin with.

After the group workout we got to have our photos with Mish which turned into a bit of fun when the Roxby Downs girls asked me to be in theirs as they didn't have enough numbers.  Mish's security guard had a bit of a dig at me when I came back for the 4th time to be in my beloved Pirates photo.  Was a bit of fun 🙂

Then it was time to glam up for the finale party.  About 2 weeks ago I got an email saying that I had been voted in as a 12wbt Hero for being inspirational and giving back to the community.  Talk about WOW!!  was such a great honour and very humbling.  The fact that people actually took time to write about me as their "hero" still blows my mind.  It's nice to know that I do have some influence in others lives, especially when it is for something that I enjoy doing.  I feel happiest when I am helping others. I believe when you are motivating there is no need to actually voice that is what you are doing, simply leading by example is the best way to motivate others.

So I got to meet Michelle Bridges before the party actually started.  Battling traffic jams was a bit stressful (ask my daughters how fun that car ride was lol) but we got there in time.  Well, when Mish saw me she squealed and said how incredible I was and how she shows my photos to everyone!!  OMIGOD.... talk about mind blowing!!  She actually does know who I am!!!  Sorry if I sound like a star struck teenager but this woman has literally changed my life, so to hear her say these things is surreal to me 🙂

Then we got to chat to the 12wbt crew, who are amazing too, before being interviewed for the website.  Stacey got to join me for that too... another thing she is cursing me for now hehe but she secretly loves it I am sure 🙂

We had to meet outside the doors at 7.30 to prepare for being called up on to stage.  It was such an honour being in the company of some other inspirational people, especially my favourite girl Shannon and my Pirates Greg, Lisa and Cathy!

I think I was about the 5th person to come in and when I came in the crowd went ballistic.  I was seriously not expecting the volume of excitement and was choking back tears down the runway as well as finding it hard to breathe!!!!  It really showed me just how many people were happy for me... FAR OUT!!!   I got a real taste of what it is like to be a rock star... hehe

Walking the carpet

Walking the carpet


Mish was impressed 😀


Gotta take every opportunity for a gun show. Mish said "put your guns away Kathy for goodness sake" hehe



Chatting with Mish on stage was great because I got to acknowledge everyone and what they have meant to me.  Also, to "miss 10".  If you remember a previous blog she was the little girl that I inspired to do things out of her comfort zone..... MIND BLOWING!!  so glad I got to give her a shout out and I hear she was thrilled to bits 🙂  She got to watch the live stream.

We'll meet over there ok?

We'll meet over there ok?

The rest of the night was spent with so many people congratulating me and telling them how I had influenced them, inspired them to join up amongst other compliments.  Photos, hugging, wow... it was overwhelming but I am so glad it happened.  It showed me that you NEVER know who you are influencing or inspiring.  Another good reason to keep it classy and live true to your word.

Amazing night!

Amazing night!

Humbled does not even describe how I feel after the weekend.  If possible it as inspired me even more to get my Master Trainer certificate so I can pay it forward and help others become a better version of themselves.

*much love*

p.s. Mish - Need an SA rep? I am ready to go on the payroll when you are 😉

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