Choices and Consequences

We are heading into the new year and this is the time when a lot of people decide to make New Year Resolutions.  Unfortunately, there seems to be a lot of stigma attached to them.

I am starting to see the usual memes floating around such as the one with Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes saying something like "Oh here we go again, more resolutions".  Not that I mind ever looking a Robert Downey Jr. 😉 but I do think there is some value in starting fresh.

For some people, they get so caught in a rut that having the opportunity to start fresh is the ideal time to set some solid goals. It's an opportunity to leave the old habits behind.  Have one last binge on NYE, and then get stuck into it.

The problem is that most New Year resolutions fail by the 2nd week of January, which makes me think that people are just not ready to change.  However, perhaps it is more to do with the fact that people try to change everything at once .  It's very difficult to give up every "bad" habit in one go.  In my next newsletter I will be sharing a goal sheet, or you can head over to my newsletter link here and get a free goal sheet.

Setting out your goals realistically (notice I am not saying resolutions) helps you achieve them.  If we set ourselves up with unrealistic time frames then we are really setting ourselves up to fail.  If we keep doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, we set ourselves up for failure.  If we stay in the same environment, surrounding ourselves with the same things that tempt us, trigger us, cause drama in our lives we set ourselves up to fail.

Life is pretty much choices and consequences.  Sometimes the choices were not made by you but affect you, like your local supermarket deciding to take your favourite brand of something off the shelf!  However the choices you are in control of still have consequences.

If you start working out and eating within your calorie range, the consequence is that you will get fitter and healthier.  If you choose to sit on the couch and eat junk food for the rest of the year, the consequence is that you will continue to put on weight and damage your health.

Everyone has a choice of what they keep in their environment, even if it is mentally.  We make the choice to react in a certain way, we make the choice to put the food/drink in our trolley, we make the choice to sit on our bums - this brings consequences.

Let's own 2015 together!!  I have goals, let me know what yours are 😀

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