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10 amPunchfitBoot Camp/PunchfitPunchfitBoot Camp/PunchfitBoot Camp/Punchfit
1.45 pmPunchfitBoot Camp/PunchfitPunchfit
(40 mins)
4.30 pm
(40 mins)
Children's Boxing
(45 mins)
Teen Bootcamp
Ages 13 and up
7pmPunchfitBoot Camp/PunchfitPunchfit

Online Training
Limited to 10 clients, online training gives you the opportunity to be trained personally by Kathy without having to physically make it to the studio.  Online training with Kathy means you will be dealing directly with her and not a "one size fits all" program. Your program will be tailored to your specific needs and equipment availability.  You will be able to work out in the comfort of your own home, or take your program to the gym using the online training app available on your mobile phone. Other inclusions:

- Access to private forums 24/7
- Weekly Skype/Facebook  meetings
- Online training program with exercise demonstrations
- Statistic tracking for body and exercising
- Nutritional advice
- Progress checks

Don't be disappointed. Contact Kathy today to get started on your new training plan and find out pricing details.

Port Willunga Studio

My private, semi-private, boot camp or group sessions are conducted in a friendly and fun environment.  I understand how intimidating gyms can be for some people to train in and I started my business with this in mind, to provide the supportive atmosphere that is required to achieve long lasting results.  Exercising should add value to your life and not become another chore that you have to fit in.

The difference between me and your local gym is that I care if you show up or not.

Personal and semi-private training with me involves working out realistic and attainable goals. I will never lead you astray or promise you results that are unrealistic. Nor will I put you on a starvation diet or put you on a strenuous exercise program which could risk injury. I will be honest with you but will also remain committed to providing you with a safe way to be successful.  For long term health and fitness, this is a sustainable way to maintain all the results you have worked hard to achieve.

Package includes goal setting, workout plan, nutritional advice, health screening, fitness testing and monthly progress check.

Training Sessions

Grunt (optional inclusion) is a body building class.  It focuses on heavy compound exercises to build muscle and strength.  This is Kathy's area of passion so expect her to be extra excited with your gains and improvements.  Clients will be given a program card to follow to measure progress.  This class operates similar to a gym setting i.e. self directed with Kathy's expert advice on hand to help with technique.

Boot camp is packaged with Punchfit (see below) and is a great way to keep fit with others in a social setting.  Port Willunga boot camp involves a mixture of Punchfit boxing, weights training, balance, cardio, core in other words you get a full body workout in each session.  When weather permits we exercise outside, and often head down to the beach.  Small class sizes means that you are working out in a safe environment with a trainer that can keep an eye on your technique.

Punchfit is a huge cardio workout without having to involve high impact work.  Everyone can do punchfit which is why it is so popular.  Not only do you get a good calorie burning workout you get to release some energy.  Great stress reliever!!

Teen Classes
Teenagers like to have their own space to workout.  They are at that wonderful age where they are not quite ready for the adult environment but too mature to mix with the younger ones.  Teen sessions focus on body building and cardio, much like the adult classes but in a more nurturing environment.  Kathy has taught teenagers for many years and understands them on their level.  Why not get your teens confidence up to day?

Children's Punchfit classes are a mixture of Punch fit training and general keep fit circuits. Punchfit is non-body contact and children are taught how to punch safely and sensibly. Emphasis is on fun while learning boxing technique.  Maximum per class is 8 and children's safety is taken very seriously.  Children enjoy the friendly atmosphere while gaining confidence through boxing and exercise.


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