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Kathy Tyndale
Owner of KathyTyndale.com

Kathy describes herself as an average, middle aged mother of two adult girls who one day just got tired of the weight loss merry go round and took control of her health.

Her journey to recreate herself has shown her that many women are on the same endeavour. Her genuine understanding of what it is like to be caught in that rut, and the myriad of excuses that go with it, make her the perfect Personal Trainer. Her life experience brings her here, to you, where she can offer you the best of herself while helping you to recreate yourself.

She believes that exercise should be enjoyable, and eating should not be a miserable burden. She will never tell you that you are on a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. However don’t expect to be mollycoddled either as she will be expecting you to put in 100% effort to get the results you deserve.

When you train with Kathy you can rest assured that you will never be yelled at, pushed to the point of crying or worse.  Her gentle, yet firm approach means that exercise for you will be sustainable and not something you dread each time. She also understands that exercising in public domains is not for everyone, which is why she offers you private training, either individually or in groups.

Other things you can expect:
Realistic goal setting
No starvation diets
Genuine support
Exercise plans that suit you and your goals
A sense of humour

Kathy’s results speak for themselves. She has put in the hard work, so knows what it takes to get there. This is how she knows you are capable of doing the same thing. You are much stronger than you even realise.

Kathy's clients are primarily in the Port Willunga, Aldinga and Aldinga Beach area.

Contact Kathy today to get your new lifestyle started.

Kathy’s qualifications
Bachelor of Education (Physical Education Major)
Master Trainer (Graduating Champion of her Class)
(Certificate III in Fitness and Certificate IV in Personal Training)
Punch Fit Trainer

Where Kathy has been seen
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OK magazine

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Sydney Morning Herald

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